MergeTool – SVN cherry-picker

What it is

MergeTool is a simple JDK 1.6 Swing-based frontend to svn which can

Needless to say this program serves a very distinct purpose. It's of no use in any of the following cases:

The tool isn't very polished at the moment and doesn't have tons of features, but I've been using it to ease the pain of Subversion merges for over two years now and it's made quite a difference for me.

The MergeTool source code is beerware licensed. Note that third-party JARs used are covered by other licences.

Getting the tool

The tool is available at the following Maven repository:


It is generally not recommendable anymore to get any of the snapshot versions, which might also appear in that repository.

Here is a source tarball.

Running the tool

To run the tool, you can:

You can also create a ZIP file for easy redeployment by executing zip mergetool-<version>.zip *.jar in the target folder.

The tool is the most useful if it is configured as external tool in the IDE, with the proper command-line arguments to start up with the config file you need to support the code you're developing. That's how I use it at least.

Last change 2022-02-02